The Best Methods for Creating Amazing Whiteboard Explainer Videos in 2018

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There is no doubt that any type of explainer videos can be of great help, especially in the business world. If you are wondering what a whiteboard explainer video is, then it is an animation process where an artist draws on a whiteboard and record themselves during the process. This type of video can be a very great tool and really help you simplify a more complex message which will definitely help you convey that message a lot easier. If you are interested in the creation process of these videos, then keep on reading this article for a few great tips.


There is nothing more powerful than a great story because that’s what people like. When you are presenting your content a great tip for you is to make sure that you are presenting that content through storytelling because that is what will really grab your audience’s attention. However, a mistake that a lot of people make when making their whiteboard presentations is that they focus too much on the product’s features, when instead they should be focusing on the audience and their problems, because that is all that they’re interested in.



Stick to tradition

The best whiteboard explainer videos are the ones that stick to the traditional look of them. That look consists of three different elements which are the white background, the continuous drawing and the hand that is drawing. These are those key elements that people associate with good whiteboard animation and it’s always best to keep them in your video and if you want to add some kind of personal touch to the video, that’s ok too, but make sure to keep it traditional in this sense.

Add some color

When we say you can add a personal touch, this is what we mean by it. While adding color may not seem like a personal enough touch, you have to remember that these videos are usually black and white and that is how people recognize them. The whole point of this is not to make the drawings colorful because, as we mentioned, you want to keep it traditional, but adding little pops of color is a great way for you to make the video a bit more personalized, while also accentuating particular important parts of the message that you want to bring across to the viewer.

Whiteboard explainer videos are definitely some of the best tools that you can use when making any type of presentation. They have the ability to make any product or service way more interesting that it is and can really capture the viewers’ attention and by following these few simple tips you can make sure that you are creating the best videos possible.


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