The Best Uses for Animated Explainer Videos on the Online Market

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Explainer videos are a great way to spice up any business and animated explainer videos are even better. They are a way for you to use a video that has motion graphics, or animation, in order for you to communicate a message in a way that’s not only easy, but also interesting. Animation usually makes people think of cartoons, which is not the case here so you needn’t fear that this sort of video will give your brand an unprofessional look in any way. If you want to learn about some great videos that are used by other companies, then keep on reading.


Goggle decided to put out an OnHub explainer video. The whole point of the OnHub router is that “it is built for all the ways you use Wi-Fi”. Another big part is its design, which is a very unique circular design that has the ability to provide a very strong and reliable signal throughout your whole house and has the ability to eliminate any “dead Wi-Fi zones”. To explain all of this in a very easy way, Google created an animated video that perfectly explains both the great design and the great use of this product by using a flat design and some very simple visuals to showcase the product.

Cisco has something called Internet of Things partner ecosystem that they claim will help insure that businesses can migrate, implement and manage connectivity on their assets that were previously unconnected with a lot more efficiency and security. The people at Cisco used an animated explainer video in order to explain to customers how their company can help their business to bring their innovative ideas out in the world and also how their innovation centers can really accelerate the customer’s opportunities.

Ahrefs is a complete toolset that was created specifically for SEO and marketing purposes that helps with backlink research, keyword research, content marketing, organic traffic research and much more. The company also makes it very easy to understand why ranking webpages and websites is important and exactly what need to be done. They used a great animated video that essentially acts as a sort of into to all of the tools and features that the company offers to their customers and the purpose of this video is to, of course, capture the audience’s attention and make them want to research the company even more.

Animated explainer videos can be a great way for a company to convey the message that they want to get across to their customers in a very easy way that is also entertaining. You too can use one of these videos and make sure that you grab the customer’s attention long enough to make them want to know even more about your company, which is after all the goal. 



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