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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Music for Your Explainer Videos

Music can play a crucial role in the success of your product explainer videos. Music soothes the soul and can get your viewers to watch your explainer videos again and again. It can also build a strong connection with them. Let’s face it; we’ve all come across a video with not so good script, but the music makes it pop. That’s exactly what music can do to your explainer videos. Now imagine both the music and script is great. That video will be a masterpiece. That said; here are top tips for choosing the right music to use in your product explainer videos:

a) Know the purpose or the kind of message your explainer videos are going to disseminate

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It’s a good idea not to head to royalty-free music websites before you figure out the kind of message your video will convey or what the purpose of the video is. You should deduce whether your video is meant to entertain or inform. Also, get to know if the video is brand-based or product-based and whether it’s positive or negative. On top of all that, know upfront whether the video is slow or fast-paced. If the purpose of your video is to inform, it’s not ideal to opt for a loud underscore with vocals, as it will distract your audience. In this scenario, it’s best to opt for elevator music. This kind of music evokes an individual’s emotion but doesn’t steal their attention. If your explainer videos are fast-paced, you could opt for rock music.

b) The kind of music you choose for your explainer videos

should align with the tastes of your target audience

Always keep your target audience in mind when choosing music for your explainer videos. After all, the main purpose of starting your brand is to delight customers. So customers must always be put first. For example, if you’re producing explainer videos Atlanta, you might want to use hip-hop, R&B or Neosoul. If you’re making web explainer videos Orlando, suffice to use pop, R&B, reggae or jazz. The point is to choose the kind of music that your target audience relates to.

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c) Test before selecting music for your explainer videos

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Face it; with a ton of good music out there, it will be overwhelming to choose music for your explainer videos. It can take a ton of hours to find the best music for your videos. But even if you find one, it may not synchronize with your videos. That’s where texting comes in. Try out different music to see which one synchronizes with your video. It’s important to note that different songs evoke different emotions. For example, if your explainer videos are for corporate, you cannot just choose any music you come across. You must choose one that aligns with the corporate culture. Start by creating a playlist and whittle the list down till you find the right music.

d) Select instrumentals and vocals wisely to ensure your explainer videos rock

It’s always a daunting task to choose between an instrumental song and one that comes with vocals. You should not forget that powerful lyrics can make a great difference to your explainer videos. However, it doesn’t mean that all lyrics can add value to your explainer videos. If your explain video was recorded with a voiceover, make sure that the kind of music you choose doesn’t overwhelm it.

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Choosing music for your explainer videos can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first rodeo. But, if you get accustomed to it, it becomes a piece of cake. Just make sure that you look at the copyright attached to the music before using it. Happily, there are many websites out there that offer royalty-free music. So you won’t have to worry about copyright issues.